He’sssssss Here!

The sssneakiessst Badasssss hassss finally arrived! For all Season Pass and Digital Deluxe edition holders on PC, PS4, and XBONE, Pendles is available on the fields of combat!  Play the hell out of him early, because as of next week, the slithery assassin will be open to all players who have 47,500 credits to unlock him and add to their hero roster. pendles_blog

Lore Challenges:

Toxic Lifestyle – Kill 20 Battleborn while Miasma is active.

Hitman for Hire – Use Smoke Bomb 100 times while under any crowd control effects.

The Pitch – Deal 500 damage after cloaking, 100 times.

Kamas – Deal 50,000 damage to enemies from behind.

Word of Warning – Tentacle-slap enemy Battleborn 50 times.

Check out his Helix: Mental Mars or Battleborn Wikia


Now make like Invisible Boy and disappear while nobody is looking!


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